Posted by: dave | August 14, 2011

Beer for Thomas Pynchon fans

I went out last night to our friend Tom’s birthday nite – stand-up with comic Wil Anderson, whom Aussies will know as that bloke from the Gruen Transfer. He was great and not at all like he is on the box.

Anyway, afterwards we went out for some drinks at a Bavarian pub. And those who’ve read “The Crying of Lot 49” will have been as shocked as me by the name of one of the beers on tap. In the novel, ‘Thurn Und Taxis’ is a secret underground postal service which has been locked in a hidden battle with a rival service for centuries (er … it’s complicated). They’d have been doubly shocked to discover that this beer was not listed on the menu. I detect the hand of the Trystero organisation…


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