Posted by: dave | October 12, 2011

Ractical roblems

There’s a reason that blogging has been light of late, beyond just laziness: a key has fallen off my mobile, making it hard to write stuff without using a host of stratagems to get around its absence.

Obviously I can’t directly tell you which letter because I can’t write it, but it’s the first letter of a country bordering Germany, the former Czechoslovakia, Russia, Lithuania, and Belarus, which rhymes with ‘Roland’. Oh, and the headline of this blog is a clue. In future, ‘*’ will stand in stead of the ineffable letter.

Now I’m trying it at length, it’s actually oddly easy to just substitute alternative words. Years ago I bought, but have yet to read, a translation of the Georges *erec novel ‘La Dis*arition’, titled ‘A Void’ in English. The novel’s claim to fame is that it doesn’t use the letter ‘e’ anywhere, instead taking a range of roundabout ways to get the same ideas across. Translating such a book, while retaining the ‘e’ ban, is clearly the work of the insane.

My letter is clearly an easier one to miss out, but I’m struck now how easy it is to get by without letters you once thought essential. Ah, good old English language, with three ways to say just about everything: a nightmare for those trying to learn it, but handy for those whose mobiles are falling to bits.



  1. the loss of the key in question would perhaps have provided a problem with your previous post…

  2. I had always liked the idea that my one syllable name couldn’t be shortened. How wrong I have been!!


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