Posted by: dave | December 9, 2011

Street art: Darwin at the museum

There’s a street corner just 60 seconds from our house that for a long time operated as a sort of graffiti smorgasbord: seemingly everyone doing street art round the inner west had painted something there and more layers were added all the time over the top of older stuff. The whole was just a riot, a palimpsest of words, colour, and cartoonish and bizarre imagery.

A few months back I went past and the whole thing had been painted over. I was a bit miffed about this until a week or so later and saw the whole had been replaced by this awesome piece of Victorian wrought iron gothic. I think it depicts the main hall of London’s Natural History Museum; if so, it’s oddly appropriate that now someone’s finally plucked up the courage to paint over it, it’s with a Darwin-headed monkey crouching on the mezzanine.


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