Posted by: dave | February 6, 2015

Conversation at dinner with Anya


Me: How did you get that bruise on your head?
Anya: I was being a ghost.
Me: And you bumped your head.
Anya: Yeah. I bumped into the wall at Jamie and Taylor’s house.
Me: Oh. Were they very scared when you were a ghost?
Anya: No, we were walking all in a line.
Me: Oh…
Anya: Yeah, Jamie was being a witch.
Me: Ah. What about Taylor?
Anya: Taylor was being a serial killer.
Me: …
Anya: Yeah. She killed cereal. And then we ate it.



  1. This made us laugh! Anya looks so like Petra! Peter and Julia

  2. That is so funny. Tell Anya that it was so frozen on the mountainside today that Granny and Grandpa had to come back inside!

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