Posted by: dave | April 5, 2015

Otis’s morning constitutional


Otis loves a walk. After I fed him his breakfast this morning he toddled off, got Kate’s strappy sandals, and started trying to fit them to my feet. This is a pretty common signal from him: often he’ll go off and bring you his shoes, like a dog with its leash in its mouth.
So we set off on what turned into a one-kilometre walk from Kuia’s house to a nearby swollen creek which provided him a chance to explore his other obsession: running water. He pushed a battered kids’ play stroller with his favourite sheepie strapped in, doing that slap-footed walk that toddlers do. I’m a morning person only by necessity, after having kids; but it’s still very peaceful walking through the dewspangled grass and pausing for him to explore a flower, or some grass, or droplets of water beading under a guardrail.


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