Posted by: dave | April 10, 2015

Water baby


Of course (as we keep correcting ourselves) he’s not a baby, he’s a toddler.

But anyway he’s completely obsessed with water. Anya has always been a bit wary of the stuff, and while she’s getting better at swimming she still avoids the sea for fear she might step on weed. Otis, on the other hand, would happily spend all morning at the water park and all afternoon playing in the bath.

Running water is a particular obsession. He spends a significant proportion of his day at the moment like this:


Or alternatively naked in the bath, putting the plug in and out of the plughole while a thin stream of water runs.

The photo at the top was taken in Brisbane where we stayed with Kate’s mum Hilary for Easter. Anya commandeered me to do playground games with her, so having spotted a water tap, I left Otis with Hilary and let him get on with it. Once he discovered a drinking fountain on the same pipe it was inevitable he would end up saturated.

Hilary has lovely video of him squealing and giggling as he’s drenched. If you think he looks less than delighted in the photo, it’s because be the time I came up he’d been soaking himself for about 15 minutes and was completely exhausted from the fun.



  1. Love it! And Anya should know you were none to keen on seaweed either!

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