Posted by: dave | April 25, 2015

Wild weather


The weather in Sydney this last week has been insane. This city gets thunderstorms like nothing I’ve seen in England, but even relative to that standard it’s been extreme.

From the early hours of Monday morning to the middle of Wednesday about 25cm of rain fell on the city centre. In a town a few hours to the north, flash flooding lifted a house off its foundation and sent it sailing down the street. The photo at the top doesn’t look like much but it was the first blue sky I had seen in days.

There were also winds gusting to more than 100kmh which blew over a bunch of trees, including this one on our street:


On the plus side, we were rewarded with some gorgeous sunsets on Thursday and Friday:


Then today the craziest thing happened. I’ve seen hail before, but this was something else — a 20 minute intense hailstorm that dropped the temperature from 25C to 13C and left the place looking like a blizzard hit:


Here’s how it piled up on our deck:


Here’s what it did to our frangipani:


People in the neighbourhood made snowmen and a makeshift sledge out of an old bit of board. Walking down the street at dusk in search of snowmen with her friends Winda and Balun, Anya whispered to me: “Daddy, this is the BEST ADVENTURE I’VE EVER BEEN ON!”




  1. I hope before she is grown up Anya will have a chance to see real European snow. What a wonderful adventure, even if very destructive. Reconsidering our plans to move to Oz in view of climate change!

  2. sounds extreme Dave – and the Australians say climate change isn’t happening!! hope all’s wellSent from Yahoo Ma

  3. Dear David and family. These photos are really amazing. Lucky no one was hurt. As you will know our weather has been anything but April showers! We were cheering with the rain last night and more is forecast for tomorrow. We are all well and busy. Had an amazing time at Center Parcs over Easter with all the family except Michelle. Love Peter and Julia

  4. Only in Oz could a snowman be wearing sunnies!

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